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Resumo da Biografia Many people have had an abscess or a boil in their lives. In this case it has come to cuts or ingrown hair, which develop to skin inflammation. These can occur practically anywhere in the body. Some abscesses or boils can be very dangerous for the health of the person concerned! organic shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis Here we show some causes why an abscess can be dangerous. In addition, we give advice, which can help quickly!


In most cases, abscesses or furuncles, that is, skin infections on the hair follicles, are caused by impurities which could penetrate into the upper layers of the skin by cuts or skin injuries. Then quickly and easily accumulate pus, perhaps even deep in the skin. Abscesses are often triggered by bacteria. More specifically, these are bacteria of the Staphylococcus Aureus type. If the immune defenses of the affected person are additionally weakened, a skin inflammation can arise even more quickly, as the bacteria can reproduce better.
In principle, abscesses can occur all over the body. Often abscesses occur mainly on hair follicles. Then they are called furuncles. Particularly dangerous are abscesses in the face.  seborrheic dermatitis face treatment There, the purulent skin inflammation can penetrate more easily into the deeper skin tissue if the person concerned tries, for example, to express the abscess independently. Better should a doctor be called! If skin inflammation expands or affects deeper skin regions, then even a blood poisoning can arise, since the bacterial pus can enter the bloodstream. The bacteria then spread in the life-threatening extent!
In connection with serious blood poisoning, it is often the case that there are general symptoms of the disease such as fever, headache or chills. As a result, the body is additionally weakened and can be severely damaged without medical treatment and even lead to death. Abscesses must be opened under medical supervision so that the bacterial pus can drain.  cure for seborrheic dermatitis on scalp This is the only way to prevent more severe inflammation and spread to other parts of the body. Internal organs, too, may be at risk if the pus spreads and an abscess is not properly treated.

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